Wavelength Winds teams up with Leigha Amick for a new work

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Award-winning composer Leigha Amick draws inspiration from nature, humanity, and musical precedent to tell stories with sound.  Her compositions have been performed by ensembles such as the Boulder Philharmonic, the Orlando Philharmonic, the Boulder Bassoon Quartet and the Playground Ensemble.  Amick is a student at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, where she studies composition with Sven-David Sandström, performs as a violinist and as a vocalist, and sings with the contemporary vocal ensemble NOTUS under the direction of Dr. Dominick DiOrio.  She is president of the Student Composer Association, through which she organized Indiana University’s 2017 New Art New Music concert in collaboration with the Grunwald Gallery of Art.  Additionally, Amick is pursuing a minor in mathematics and competes in Irish dance at the championship level.

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A Reflection on Gold is an exploration of Fibonacci numbers, built from patterns of groups of sixteenth notes. At the smallest level, a group of five sixteenth notes is formed by an eighth note followed by a sixteenth followed by another eighth note. Similarly, a group of eight sixteenth notes is formed by a dotted eighth, an eighth, and another dotted sixteenth note. This pattern is extended beyond surface rhythms to larger groups of Fibonacci numbers that control entrances of instruments, changes of texture, and overall form.  The work was first written in June 2017 for the Atlantic Music Festival.  This recording is of the October 2017 revised version, as performed by Anne Daley (flute), Wai Ki Wun (clarinet), Liam Ramsey-White (violin), and Luke Acerra (cello). Corey K. Rubin conducted the performance.